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Gainesville Alachua County Heroes" title="Gainesville Alachua County Heroes" width="300">Proudly serving the greater Gainesville & Alachua County area's Heroes.

Do you know or are you an active duty military service member, veteran, police officer, fire rescue responder, Pre-K through 12 school teacher or nurse? I am a veteran of the US Navy and pleased to give back to all our heroes via a reduced commission on the purchase or sale of real property.  Instead of the standard 3% commission I am offered a 2.3% rate.  On a $100,000 transaction, that translates into an additional $700 in YOUR pocket that could go towards moving costs, furniture, or whatever is needed.  Ask me if you qualify today!

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Matt Cirafice

Serving Gainesville and Alachua County. I am a US Navy Veteran and creator of Gainesville Alachua County Heroes program. Active duty military, veterans, police, first responders, teachers and nurses....

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